How to Build a Collaborative Nonprofit Board Team

To ensure that nonprofit organizations are able to effectively achieve their objectives, it takes a strong team of board members who are collaborative. Collaboration can be a difficult task for many boards. This article offers tips on how to build and cultivate a productive collaborative board.

Make sure to communicate clearly with new members regarding their roles and responsibilities. It is important to clarify the roles of each of the partners in the relationship. This will ensure that the members actively participate in board meetings, are prepared to discussions and fully support the vision and objectives of the organization. Additionally, it is important to define the expectations regarding financial contributions for new and current members. This will encourage healthy discussion and help manage expectations.

Nonprofits are a small organization with a limited personnel, resources and skills to accomplish all that they want to do. Collaboration with other nonprofits could enable them to reach a wider range of people and achieve a greater impact than they would on their own. Nonprofits must carefully choose the projects for which they are willing to collaborate, and ensure that everyone is benefitting. This will create win-win-win situations and lead to more efficient outcomes.

In the above example, Family Focus and CYC were in a position to leverage their own resources to deliver more services. Both organizations were able increase their reach and assist more families without having to increase their budgets. It also allowed CYC to introduce new clients to Family Focus and vice versa. This collaboration resulted in an increase in the number of families served as well as an overall improvement in society than either of the organizations could have been able to accomplish on its own.

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